Thursday, November 8, 2007

My cork is saving the King

Yes that is my work, because I born in the kork. My happy day : June 18, 1935.
My great father was in the cork. My father was in the cork, and my little son is now in the kork with me.

Oh I'm happy. My family is happy. In our industry, we just play natural cork. And we link our sucess story.
Because wine and cork are married for your hapiness. And for me you are the king. For me you are never less than the King of Your Happy Taste. Near by your boddy health. In that, natural cork is safe. Safe for you.

At that point we are watching and we stay buzzy for you. Over natural cork for your safe wine.

Of course others products like painted corks, treated corks, aglomerated corks, are available by others producers for other people.
But for you we prefer another space. Health space. Hapiness space, with persons. Because you are not people, you are a person. So I personalize my natural cork. Because in my job, you are my King, I give you my best.

Just link to me and EAF-Kork-Lourosa 1.

We create the websuber_natural_concept just for you :

Around the world wine/cork lovers :

Philippe de Rothschild : Chateau Mouton Rothschild

Bernard Arnault : LVMH Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

Louis Latour : Corton-Charlemagne

Marchesi di Barolo : Cannubi-Barolo

Alvaro Domecq Romero : Alburejo

Maria del Mar Raventos Chalbaut : Jaume Codorniu

Christian Witte : Schloss-Johannisberg Riesling

F. Baniandres Arroyo : Torremoron

Alexandre Chappuis & Fils : Chasselas, Gewurztraminer

Isaac Muga : Torre, Aro Muga

Eric Sterling : Esterlina's Cabernet

Mike Ratcliffe : Warwick

Scott McCarty : Chardonnay Burgundian

Antonio Miolo : Miolo Merlot

Silva Pohl : Santa Hortensia Semillon

Antonia Adelaide Ferreira : Dona Antonia

Antonio Alves Ferreira : Quinta Covada do Douro Pinalta

If you are a quality wine producer, please accept your link here by and reserve your visit to my Douro Oporto Vineyards and my cork oaks spaces at Portugal.

As natural cork care-productor and grand-cru lover, Doutor Antonio Alves Ferreira at Covada do Douro he keeps fidelity for associated good things .

From the oak skin : EAF

To the oak heart : HUDO

Come to cork oaks and for the peace at Covada after your fiesta at TORRESTRELLA

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