Friday, October 3, 2008

Ad Sense-toes-sticks

Thank you very much for your comments Dear Crazy Bunny Lady.
I visite your page and I saw beautiful creations.  Also I am a Pioneer Author. May be you would accept to collaborate with your draws and paints to give me a decision idea for :

Well 1 of 2 ideas of my big head :

I do not know if I will choose the corkthopedic-sleepy-box with many mechatronic-soft-body pistons for self decision of the program for human massage ( you know I trust the classic bed is infinitely expensive and tedious,


if I'd rather throw me in the sticks (not to pick his teeth) but to do massages between the toes.

The heads of that 100 centimeters sense-toes-sticks are made in natural cork material to cause a delicious sensual feeling when working around AdSence credits.

Can you imaginate and propose your creations around the 2 ideas. Thank you. For free, please.

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